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Our wooden products are the result of experience and craftmanship certified at its third generation in the furnishing sector working for the highest luxury brands Made in Italy; a fundamental combination for the creation of an innovative, elegant and refined product. The product strength is made by the quality of the natural materials and an highly moisture-resistant structure, which allows to safely cover your entire home, ranging in over 60 surface finishes, shaped by hand in our laboratories. Our wooden products are ideal for giving space to your desire to create; from floors to wall coverings and custom-made stairs, each surface is designed from project to installation.

Our process


A journey through the years were we have specialized in shaping a selection of wood essences, from the most historic representations of our land to others from all over the world. The experience is the artisan’s key to satisfy every single request directly in our firm; and it comes from an infinite passion for design and natural materials. We create your wooden floor starting from rough planks to the final customization through a wide range of choices.

Years of experience in woodworkings

Collaborators around the world

Ways to customize your floor


Consulting & Design


Production & Customing

Supply & Installation


Wooden floors

Over the years we have specialized in the processing of many wood species, directly satisfying the most particular ideas, focusing mainly on European Oak and National Walnut woods.

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Wall & Stair coverings

We have studied a product that can be easily adapted to any surface of your projects, light and practical in assembling wall/roof covering and any kind of stair covering. The structure with support in phenolic glued birch plywood is ideal because it has the function of sound absorption. It therefore forms an additional insulating barrier in addition to humidity.


The range of LegnoSystem skirting profiles, stair noses and sills enhances customization: by choosing among the possible dimensions, you can in fact have endless custom finishes. We realize

Laying LegnoSystem Floor

LegnoSystem artisans are keen to guarantee the supply chain in products, so we take every customer to heart from the design phases to the final installation. Our installation service, since the site inspection, has been managed by the company with the support of highly qualified artisans. It is the ideal and convenient solution for the correct application of our floors and walls.