Installation services

Our attention to the smallest detail is nowaday recognized not only in production but also in the installation service. We are supported by the best artisans to provide a complete supply / installation service all over the world with our internal installers. The high quality and professional level, combined with the guarantee of laying LegnoSystem, is a certificate over time as well as being a good solution of quality / price ratio.



The wooden floor is installed without adhesives on a special carpet that acts as a vapor barrier against rising damp. It is the most used option in the case of commercial spaces, where surfaces are frequently rebuilt, and in dated structures in which there are background problems (humidity, irregularities etc.) that involve installation without glue.




The wooden floor is installed on the cement screed with special adhesives certified against toxic emissions. It is the safest and guaranteed option because the floor is more resistant against possible thermic expansions, therefore an excellent system in case of floor heating / cooling. The certification of our adhesives completely Made in Italy is a guarantee both for those who live in the house and for the stability of the parquet over time.

Our laying systems in percentage








The laying of the parquet is a very delicate operation, which requires great skill and competence to obtain a valuable floor that lasts over time without requiring frequent maintenance. Legno System Pavimenti offers a laying package of high quality wooden floors, coverings and accessories in Italy, Europe and North America.



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