Tavolati Boards

The wooden floor contains all the knowledge of us LegnoSystem artisans. From the resistant structure to the inimitable design we have created unique parquet floors in the various proposals of form. The Tavolati line represents the common style of plank laying, where the wood boards are combined to form a linear weave. Here you will find all our models, customizable in size, surface workings and custom finishes.

Our wood essences


Over the years we have refined our knowledge in shaping the European Oak Floors. Refined and adaptable to any design, they have become a symbol of modernity. The floors in European oak according to the latest trends have been industrialized in various aspects, but we have continued with a production philosophy that puts the quality of the products in the first place. From the structure to the hand finishing, our parquet respects all the certifications that identify it for what a wooden floor must be: NATURAL.
We carefully select our birch and walnut essences directly from the source, always seeking the highest quality and respect for the environment.
We create new finishes every day, but the naturalness of the wood that we guarantee thanks to our Made in Italy branded Legnosystem always remains of primary importance.
The wide choice of table widths, combinations and customization of the finish of the parquet on specific customer request makes us unbeatable for service and professionalism.



The attraction for the National Walnut floor, which has been considered a classic for many years, gave us the inspiration to create a new face. Thanks to the quality of this noble wood that is present in nature only now in a few areas of Europe, to the workmanship and finishes we create, we can place the walnut floor among the most modern styles of luxury setting. Each single plank, which can measure up to 300 mm in width, composes a harmonious poetry through its fantastic veins and trunk nodes. The hand-made finish we have studied allows us to maintain the transparency of the material and with water-based paints the Italian Walnut flooring is natural and fragrant like the raw wood freshly cut.


Not a simple parquet, but all the experience of the LegnoSystem artisans in working and hand finishing the tables to create unique models where the transparency and naturalness of the wood essence are the primary character.


Projects that derive directly from the ancient floors of Venice combined with the insights and skills of our artisans, who seek to give an inimitable character to the floor of your home. The Nobles differ in their material appearance, with the engravings of the cutting of the boards, the knots and open cracks specially hand-sanded.