The Materia

The Materia



From the union between a refined noble wood and a birch base with phenolic gluing completely free from emissions of toxic substances, a strong and compact parquet results. The two-layer is an excellent flooring system that does not present problems related to humidity and expansion in post-installation. The thickness of the noble wood ranges from 4 to 6 mm to give solidity and value to the parquet and ensure a double restructuring over time, while the birch wood base, consisting of multiple sections, gives more flexibility to the plank and can vary from 6 to 11 mm, according to the laying needs.


Our concept of wood flooring and wall covering is a 2-layer product formed by a support of phenolic-glued birch plywood, highly resistant to water and humidity, and a layer of noble wood from 4 to 6 mm. All products and paints are free of formaldehyde and any substance dangerous to health; they are therefore the perfect solution for buildings according to Green Building rules. These characteristics are provided to the purchaser in a detailed documentation on the quality of the product, which is important for experiencing the wood to its maximum natural core.

Our company is founded by artisans, who, driven by a great passion for wood, enhance and do not waste this precious material, thus helping to protect and preserve our forests from deforestation thanks to the partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) . The Legnosystem parquet contains the sense of this philosophy that has been handed down for over forty years of love and respect for wood, synonymous with life in the forests as in our homes.


California Air Resource Board is a association which controls the quantity of formaldehyde in plywood elements.


Formaldehyde class emission for plywood in Europe. Every element must have a ratio under 0,124 mg/mc air.


The CE certification show that the material has been produced under the Made in Europe rules of quality.

The norm UNI 11035:2010 fixes the rules to certificate the wood materials in Italy. Every product Made in LegnoSystem presents these quality parameters.

The Forest Stewardship Council certificates LegnoSystem Pavimenti for the responsible forest management ; it means to protect the environment, the local populations and the right economy flow.


In our company we select wood through the various production phases thanks to the artisan propensity, which allows us to distinguish the material in several categories based on quantity and size of knots present in the tables.


The choice “AB” is an accurate picking of noble wood planks from the cut of the trunks. It includes straight and flamed fiber and possible presence of little clean knots.


The choice “Selection” is part of an accurate picking of noble wood with little knots. It includes straight and flamed fiber, presence of little knots, clean or lightly grouted. possible light chromatic variations.


The choice “Natura” is an accurate picking of noble wood trunks directly from the forests with particular knots. It includes straight and flamed fiber, presence of knots, cracks or group of knots, clean and grouted with typical chromatic variations.


The wide range of dimension makes your projects even more customizable. The sizes in width and length can also be alternated (mixed laying) up to your choice, to give a unique and irregular texture to the woodfloor.


Thick: 15mm   Width: 250mm   Length: 1500-2500mm



Thick: 15mm   Width: 200mm   Length: 1500-2500mm



Thick: 15mm   Width: 150mm   Length: 1500-2500mm



Thick: 10mm   Width: 140mm   Length: 600-1500mm



Thick: 10mm   Width: 120mm   Length: 600-1500mm



Surface customization has always been a way for us to show our craftsmanship which is expressed in multiple effects that give character and make the tables unique. From brushing to sawing, we create unique textures that make our wooden floor inimitable. The planing and the aged effect are strictly by hand, while the new irregular surfaces of the “raw cut” line, created from the first cutting of the boards, transmit all the natural of a noble material that is also loved for its imperfections.

The brushing is the most common surface treatment. The softer part of the fiber is rubbed with special steel brushes which, by engraving the boards, make the natural grain of the wood stand out and give a pleasant softness to the touch. the incision can be more or less deep creating a contrast between light and shadow that characterize the lively style of the LegnoSystem floor. The brushed parquet is perfectly suited to any kind of interior style, from rustic to contemporary.

The hand planing is the exaltation and enhancement of craftsmanship. This processing is carried out entirely by hand through planes that engrave the surface creating irregular depressions along the entire table. This workmanship of the wooden floor is ideal for classic design furniture where you want to give a lived-in effect to your home.


Horizontal incisions recall the feeling of an handcrafted floor. The processing consists in the carving perpendicularly to the grain of the boards by saws as in the carpenters of the past. The wood engraving can be customized in various depths to enhance the imperfections and grooves of the fiber. The style of this workmanship adapts at the same time from modern designs to more rustic ones.


The oblique incision recalls the feeling of an antique artisan floor. The processing consists of the oblique cut to the grain of the boards by saws as in the carpenters of the past. The wood engraving can be customized in various depths to enhance the imperfections and grooves of the fiber. The style of this workmanship adapts at the same time from modern designs to more rustic ones.


The crossed saw cut is a very particular process, designed and created by the LegnoSystem artisans. It consists of a double oblique groove in the grain of the boards by means of saws that form a unique cross-weave of its kind. The wood engraving can be customized in various depths to enhance the imperfections and grooves of the fiber. The style of this work is combined with casual and minimalist furnishings.

The “aged effect” technique is a reproduction of an ancient and lived floor, full of shadows and history. Treated entirely by hand using manual tools and techniques, it is specially carved and disfigured. This processing is perfect for rustic interiors that require a wooden floor engraved over time.

The “Raw Cutting” is the process that enhances this unique natural material. As in the ancient Venetian villas, the wooden floors present the irregularities of the knots and cracks of the boards as right after the cut, specially cleaned and beveled. During the wood drying process these irregularities come to prominence creating exciting weaves. Optional processing for this floor is the low-relief hand grouting that seals knots and cracks. Conceived as a reproduction of the old floor of the past, it is a fine workmanship suitable for true lovers of wooden floors.

The “Antique” is a valuable process that highlights the joints of the boards. This delicate operation is carried out entirely by hand by our artisans, who smoothly round off the edges of the boards leaving a gentle and irregular profiling. The antique wood floors are typical of classic and refined interiors, for those who are looking for the detail that makes the difference.


What gives value and resistance to a wooden floor is the quality of the finish. The senior painters in LegnoSystem Pavimenti, bring high the quality of these floors varnishing ONLY by hand since the advantages in terms of quality are not comparable to any other kind of varnishing system.

  • Our hand painting allows to protect the wooden floor more solidly, entering deeply into the pores of the wood;
  • The protection also includes the 4 sides, thus ensuring, thanks to the combination with the base of phenolic birch plywood, a TOTAL PROTECTION AGAINST LIQUIDS AND HUMIDITY.
  • Even the sanding process between one coat and another is done by hand. This is an important procedure because it gives to the wooden floor a unique softness to the touch, unattainable with industrial paints.
  • We have no limits in painting. From the oxidation of wood to hand shredding we give the parquet a transparency that makes it stand out from the veins and knots that are covered and coated in industrial paints.
  • We use ONLY ITALIAN VARNISHES because, thanks to the collaboration relationship with our partners, we guarantee a high degree of scratch resistance throughout the life of your parquet.


In our finishing cycles the human hand makes the difference. The team is made up of artisan painters with decades of experience who paint every single board with care and attention, because LegnoSystem parquet is synonymous with quality and quantity in protection. We use PAINT AND NATURAL OILS certified against emissions of toxic substances, from standard cycles to those based on water. The FINISHING distinguishes our wooden floors due to their sturdiness on the surface, always maintaining the naturalness of wood.

The natural oil we use is all new. Always a sign of craftsmanship that has been surpassed in recent years by the most modern painting systems, today it has completely evolved. The new 100% natural oil and wax compositions are much more resistant than classic products and the floor maintenance and cleaning system is made much easier. Ensures adequate resistance to wood without altering its original characteristics.

Over the years our main mission has been the development of natural parquet finishings. with our partners we have created increasingly resistant finishes making the painting system increasingly eco-sustainable. In its application cycle the water-based finish guarantees zero emissions of toxic substances. Its components make it an excellent varnish for wooden floors, giving resistance and softness to the wood surface without altering its true essence.

Our hand painting guarantees an excellent physical resistance of the wooden floor, an excellent aesthetic quality and the transparency that makes it unique in its natural shades. Its low dry residue helps the wood to maintain its original appearance, while the application by hand makes it very resistant thanks to the method of coverage with the right quantities of paint and the respect of the timing. It is among the most used finishes thanks to its excellent qualities improved over the years with our partners, because ours are 100% Italian materials.